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Gordon Dental understands that accidents are all too common (and all too easy). This is why we serve as the premier emergency dentist in the North Shore, connecting our patients to the services they need precisely when they need them. Our team – led by Dr. John Kupferman, Dr. Thomas Hall, and Dr. Laurence McCarthy – delivers superior orthodontic work, accommodating all extractions, composite fillings, teeth alignments, and more. The need for an emergency dentist in Gordon conforms to no schedule. This is why we offer extended hours throughout the week – Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm; Saturday, 8.30am to 12pm – to ensure that our patients can access us as needed. We tailor our practice to your needs. Searching for a North Shore emergency dentist ? Trust the Gordon Dental team for experienced service and local ease. Walk-ins are always welcome, and our family practitioners will deliver the care you deserve. To learn more, please call 02-9498-3811 or contact us on the form provided. We hope you don’t need an emergency dentist anytime soon, but if you do, we’re here for you.