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We take pride in the care and trust that has enabled us to provide several generations of families with dental care. We have many patients from all over Sydney, but especially from the neighbouring suburbs of St Ives, Pymble and Killara.

We strive to build long lasting relationships with our patients, a relationship built on trust and concern for our patients’ welfare. We believe this is the way we can best help both adults and children to maintain their oral health.

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We value our integrity and will always provide an honest evaluation of each individual patient’s needs. In contrast to our traditional values towards care and service, our clinic is ultra-modern, equipped with the latest equipment and technology for modern-day dental services.

We use the best materials and work with the best Australian laboratories for the provision of dental treatment such as crowns and bridges.

With such facilities at hand, we are able to provide effective and, importantly, pain free treatment which places patient welfare and well-being as our highest priority. Even nearby suburbs would see us as their go to St Ives Dentist.

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What Is Unique About Family Dentistry?

There are two unique qualities that a dental clinic specializing in family dentistry must embrace.

Special Needs of Children

The main requirement in caring for children and their oral health centres on preventative dentistry. Prevention is better – and cheaper – than cure.

Gordon Dental encourages parents to ensure that their children maintain their oral health from an early age. To this end, we encourage and provide the following type of services:

  • Regular cleaning to prevent the occurrence of cavities and to maintain healthy gums.
  • Fluoride and other re-mineralising agents  as a preventative measure.
  • Education centred on daily hygiene practices, as well as awareness of foods and drinks that cause tooth decay.

Some parents may also elect to have their children’s back teeth protected by fissure sealants. Such protection, which protects the biting surface of molars and premolars, is best applied between the ages of 7-11. More on this on our Services page.

Systematic Approach to Patient Care

This view of family dentistry deals with the professional and administrative aspects of patient care. At Gordon Dental, this aspect is reflected in our stated philosophy.

It is, nevertheless, an integral part of patient care, an aspect of care our dentists wholeheartedly embrace.

It centres on the need for respect, tolerance, understanding and concern for all patients. Key issues in include:

  • The principles of comprehensive treatment planning.
  • Knowing the medical, ethical, and legal issues involved in patient care.
  • Competence in coordinating and sequencing dental treatment.