Looking for a Lindfield Dentist? Contact Gordon Dental for Comprehensive Family Care

One of the most difficult challenges that you can face while searching for a dentist is finding a practice that can cater to your entire family’s needs. It is important to understand that there are special factors associated with …read more .

Check Out Turramurra Dental Clinic for Full-Service Family Dentistry

There are many things to take into consideration when searching for a dentist for your family. Being able to find a clinic that can provide you with care regardless of your needs can be incredibly important. There is no way to …read more .

Gordon Dental is the Practice You Can Trust When You Need a Turramurra Dentist

Every individual has different dental needs, depending on numerous factors. Some people may require only the minimal amount of preventative maintenance and care such as cleanings while others may need a more extensive treatment plan …read more .

Looking for a Dentist in St. Ives? Gordon Dental Serves as an Implant Specialist.

Along your gumline is a half-empty space. Inside it a tooth sits, chipped and crumbling. It’s damaged to the point of pain, a too-wide swing of a cupboard door cracking the enamel and exposing the root. Some of the dentine have fallen away …read more .

Need an Emergency Dentist in Pymble? Trust in Gordon Dental’s Experienced Team.

It’s an unexpected pain. One moment you stand in the shadow of a goalpost, ready to defend against the approaching striker onslaught. The next moment leaves you reeling toward the ground, your teeth chipped and your thoughts dazed …read more .

Searching for a Pymble Dental Clinic? Gordon Dental now Provides Cosmetic Services.

Time is the enemy of every smile. With every passing day, your teeth experience a series of caffeine splashes, aggressive tea tannins, sweet berry juices, and sweeter candy stains – and they all wreak havoc on your enamel …read more .

Looking for a Child-Friendly Pymble Dentist? Gordon Dental Delivers Fissure Sealant Treatments to our Young Patients.

Lollies and liquorice, chocolate and cakes: your child’s favourite foods are undeniably appetising… and undeniably cavity-inducing. You watch him crunch candies and suckle sweets, knowing he spares no thought for the tiny pieces …read more .

Searching for a St. Ives Dental Clinic to Help With Your Teeth Grinding? Gordon Dental Offers Preventative Services.

In your dreams you manage mighty deeds: soaring over cities, battling monsters of no name. You are the hero of every story. When you wake, however, you don’t feel quite so heroic — because your jaw is sore and your gums are …read more .

Searching for a Dentist in Killara? Gordon Dental Offers Full Service Orthodontic Work.

It’s a dental dilemma – one child needs an alignment, the other needs a filling, and you find yourself struggling with a deep-rooted pain, one that hints at damaged nerves and an infected gumline. You need help. Trying to find …read more .

Legacy and Experience: Why You Should Choose Gordon Dental as Your Dentist in Lindfield

If you speak with other individuals or families about their experiences with dentists in Lindfield, St. Ives, Pymble and other surrounding suburbs, you will probably hear the name ‘Gordon Dental’ at least once or twice …read more .

Gordon Dental: A Conveniently Located Dentist for Families in Pymble

Have you been looking for a good general family dentist in Pymble? If so, look no further. Gordon Dental has been operating and serving suburbs in and around the north shore of Sydney for 30 years now. We bring years of experience …read more .

Make an Investment in Your Child’s Dental Health; Choose Gordon Dental as Your Family Dentist in Turramurra

One of the most important things that any parent can do is to think about their child’s dental care from a young age. Preventative dentistry does wonders in protecting your child’s teeth, instilling good dental hygiene habits for …read more .

Gordon Dental: A Versatile Family Dentist in the West Pymble Area

At Gordon Dental, we take the term ‘family dentistry’ to heart. Located in Gordon, less than a 10-minute drive from West Pymble, we strive to offer dental services that cross generations and meet every possible oral care need …read more .

Searching for an Emergency Dentist in Gordon? Gordon Dental Accommodates Your Needs.

It’s the smallest of stumbles. You somehow find a tiny crack in the pavement, shoe snagging in the splinter. You rock forward, tripping over your own feet. Your arms flail, trying to snatch at the sky for balance, trying to prevent …read more .

Has Your Search for a Killara Dental Clinic Sparked Anxiety? Gordon Dental Offers a Stress-Free Experience.

You once thought yourself fearless. There was no challenge too great, no moment too terrifying. You could – and would – overcome any obstacle with a grin. Stepping into a Killara dental clinic, however, leaves you suddenly …read more .

As the Leading Dentist in Killara, Gordon Dental Promotes Patient Education and Prevention.

A cavity isn’t just a slow decay of tissue, with the enamel and dentin stripped away, revealing the pulpy network of nerves beneath. It’s instead the final step in an all-too-preventable journey. This damage isn’t inevitable …read more .

Dental Emergency? Call Gordon Dental as Your Lindfield Dental Clinic

Whether you are dealing with a chipped or broken tooth or a toothache that just won’t go away, you are facing a dental emergency that you should not wait to address. Luckily, at Gordon Dental, our staff is trained to handle emergency …read more .

Searching for a St. Ives Dentist? Gordon Dental Offers Local Convenience and Full Service Ease.

The miles seem endless when your teeth ache. You swallow back a sigh, moving slowly toward another town, another traffic light. Your quest for a St. Ives dentist has taken you far from home, and there are long minutes still to …read more .

Finding a Dental Clinic Near Turramurra for Reliable Preventative Dentistry

At Gordon Dental, we understand that some people—especially kids—tend to dread trips to the dentist. …read more .

Why Choose Veneers near North Shore?

If you’re looking for a way to improve the aesthetics of your front teeth, you might be interested in learning more about Veneers North Shore. Patients can benefit from these dental restorations by using them to cover up the visible surface …read more .

Your Source in North Shore for Dental and Oral Health

Your teeth will be with you for your entire life, at least that’s the plan. As such, you need to make sure you’re always giving them the care and attention they deserve. Teeth are powerful and useful, but they can also be sensitive—and …read more .

The Advantages to Using Ortho Aligners or Clear Aligners

When your teeth are crooked, it can create several problems. It can affect the way you smile, making it difficult to enjoy photo opportunities or social outings with friends and family. It can also make you more prone to gum disease if the teeth are …read more .