Gordon Dental: A Conveniently Located Dentist for Families in Pymble

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Have you been looking for a good general family dentist in Pymble? If so, look no further. Gordon Dental has been operating and serving suburbs in and around the north shore of Sydney for 30 years now. We bring years of experience in dentistry, orthodontic work and customer service to the table, ensuring that you get the quality customer experience you deserve. Our convenient location and easy accessibility also make us a great choice for patients and families living in Pymble or other surrounding suburbs.

Gordon Dental is located at 27 Rosedale Road in Gordon, just an eight-minute drive from Pymble. We offer ample on-site parking for all of our customers, to ensure an easy and low-stress visit every time. Our ground level entrance ramps also make our offices easily accessible for those with limited mobility and are 100% wheelchair friendly.

If you are looking for a dentist near Pymble but don’t have a car or have to share one with a spouse, don’t worry! Gordon Dental is located just 200 metres from the Gordon railway station, which itself is only a five-minute train ride from Pymble Station. Never has it been this easy or convenient to get to the dentist! Our proximity to the Sydney train line makes our office convenient for patients from other suburbs, as well.

Too many dental practices have offices that are difficult to find or offer limited parking for their customers. When you choose Gordon Dental as your dentist in Pymble, you will never have to worry about missing your apartment because you got lost or couldn’t find a parking spot.

Are you interested in learning more about Gordon Dental.  Read about us online, at gordondental.com.au.