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Along your gumline is a half-empty space. Inside it a tooth sits, chipped and crumbling. It’s damaged to the point of pain, a too-wide swing of a cupboard door cracking the enamel and exposing the root. Some of the dentine have fallen away and you know that time will soon take the rest. You need relief; you need help; you need a dentist in St. Ives.

Gordon Dental suggests visiting our rooms for

Our experienced dentists close to St. Ives can improve both the stability and appearance of your teeth. Implants (which can be placed under local anaesthetic) serve as worthy alternatives to traditional bridge constructions. They effortlessly align with each patient’s natural gumline, filling empty spaces or supplementing existing bases.

It’s never been easier – or more affordable – to correct even long-term damage. Trust in our team for all crowns, bridges, and facing needs. They’ll ensure that you receive quality care and superior comfort.



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