Need an Emergency Dentist near Pymble? Trust in Gordon Dental’s Experienced Team.

It’s an unexpected pain. One moment you stand in the shadow of a goalpost, ready to defend against the approaching striker onslaught. The next moment leaves you reeling toward the ground, your teeth chipped and your thoughts dazed. A mistimed kick sent the ball straight to your face. You’ve been betrayed by the sport you love… and now you need an emergency dentist near Pymble.


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Trust in Gordon Dental. Our experienced team — lead by Dr. John Kupferman, Dr. Stephen Choi and Dr. Laurence McCarthy — understand the need for emergency care. This is why they deliver high quality dentistry accommodating every need:

For more than 30 years, we’ve served as the premier emergency dentist in Pymble, connecting our patients to the latest technologies and a calming environment. We’re a family practice that promises quality results. We also promise flexible hours, with our team available from Monday to Friday (8am to 5pm) and also on Saturday (8.30am to 12pm). This ensures that we address all last-minute appointments and walk-ins.

Need an emergency dentist near Pymble? Rely on Gordon Dental’s full-service support. Contact us today by phone (02-9498-3811), email (, or simply visit us at our clinic (27 Rosedale Road, Gordon NSW 2072). Our team will provide the service and support you deserve.