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Has your search for a Dental Clinic near Killara sparked anxiety? Gordon Dental Offers a Stress-Free Experience.

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You once thought yourself fearless. There was no challenge too great, no moment too terrifying. You could – and would – overcome any obstacle with a grin. Stepping into a dental clinic, however, leaves you suddenly horrified. Dread grips you and images of needles, drills, and endless unidentifiable instruments plague your mind. You have to leave.

Gordon Dental wants you to try again – this time at our clinic. We understand that many patients experience anxiety when seeking treatment. This is why we strive to provide you with stress-free experiences. We combine a relaxed environment with the latest technologies, with our team (led by Drs. John Kupferman and Laurence McCarthy) providing

  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Pain-Free injections
  • gentle hands

We ensure that each patient is familiar with both their treatment needs and the methods of administration – inspiring greater confidence with every alignment, implant, filling, and more. We also expedite the appointment process, making it easy to access a Killara dental clinic. Our extended hours and central locale allow us to accommodate all individuals quickly. There’s no lengthy waiting (which only serves to heighten anxiety and trigger stress).

Gordon Dental believes in superior service. We help each patient achieve the results they need and the sense of calm they’ve been missing. To learn more, contact us today by calling 9498-3811 or emailing us at


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