The Advantages to Using Ortho Aligners or Clear Aligners

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When your teeth are crooked, it can create several problems. It can affect the way you smile, making it difficult to enjoy photo opportunities or social outings with friends and family. It can also make you more prone to gum disease if the teeth are harder to clean.Why choose aligners over braces?

  1. Ortho aligners or clear aligners are not as visible as. So, they will correct your teeth without drawing as much attention if you are an adult. For this reason alone, many people prefer ortho aligners to using braces.
  2. You can also remove aligners from the mouth during while eating or brushing. Many people find the task of removing food from their braces tedious or embarrassing and feel that trying to clean teeth with braces can be painful, ineffective, or both.
  3. Because of the inconveniences associated with braces, many patients feel that it’s difficult to care for their teeth while they are wearing them. Ortho aligners make it much easier to handle your oral responsibilities.

Give Yourself Something to Smile about with Clear Aligners

Keeping your teeth in excellent shape isn’t just a figure of speech—when it comes to their alignment, it’s quite literal. The alignment of your teeth allows you to bite down easily and comfortably, without putting strain on any parts of your mouth. However, many people are born with irregular alignment and require correction before or during adulthood.

It used to be common for patients who required dental alignment to wear braces, but the world is changing. Braces did the job, but they weren’t always comfortable. In fact, most people find braces to be inconvenient for several reasons:

  1. They can make teeth more difficult to clean since it is hard to fit the bristles of a toothbrush around the wires.
  2. They can make eating uncomfortable, as food can easily become trapped between brackets.
  3. Because of the difficulties that braces cause, some people neglect to take proper care of their teeth while they are wearing them.

Clear aligners help you avoid the problems that come with braces by providing an alternative way to improve your alignment. You can easily remove clear aligners when you need to eat or clean around them, which makes dental hygiene much easier for the people who use them. Best of all though, clear aligners are almost impossible to notice, whereas braces tend to be fairly obtrusive.

At Gordon Dental, we offer patients the choice of wearing aligners instead of having to be fitted for braces. If you’re interested in this option or any of our other pain-free procedures,Contact our reception at your earliest convenience and ask to make an appointment for a consultation.