Looking for a Child-Friendly Pymble Dentist? Gordon Dental Delivers Fissure Sealant Treatments to our Young Patients.

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Lollies and liquorice, chocolate and cakes: your child’s favourite foods are undeniably appetising… and undeniably cavity-inducing. You watch him crunch candies and suckle sweets, knowing he spares no thought for the tiny pieces that slip between his teeth — those crumbs that settle in the grooves and slowly coat the enamel with a sticky residue. You help him brush but fear it’s not enough.

Gordon Dental understands these fears. This is why we now offer a way to combat them. As the leading Pymble dentist, we provide our young patients with fissure sealants, protecting their teeth against damaging food particles.

Fissure sealants are preventative options for those between the ages of 7 and 11. Liquid sealers are carefully applied to budding molars, creating barriers along the grooves and pits. This blocks unwanted particles from slipping into the gumline, where they could cause devastating effects (including cavities, decay, and alignment issues). This helps to promote superior dental care for children – and that, as any Pymble dentist would attest, proves most important.

Developing healthy habits for children helps to reduce issues for adults. By establishing preventive routines and using sealants for protection, Gordon Dental can provide our patients with the results they need. This simple process yields massive rewards.

Searching for a Pymble dentist? Contact Gordon Dental today. Our team will happily explain the fissure process, as well as outline our other child-specific procedures.