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In your dreams you manage mighty deeds: soaring over cities, battling monsters of no name. You are the hero of every story. When you wake, however, you don’t feel quite so heroic — because your jaw is sore and your gums are raw. You were grinding your teeth again.

Teeth grinding is an all too common issue. This is why Gordon Dental – the leading St. Ives dental clinic – provides an all too easy solution: night guards. We help our patients counter their constant clenching, gnashing, and gritting; and we stress the importance of proper sleep protection. Our fitted guards promote restful (stress-less) evenings.

Grinding wreaks havoc on the body, slowly stripping away enamel, splitting the gumline, and causing fractures in the jaw. It’s a repetitive motion that, according to the Academy of General Dentistry, affects one out of three patients. By utilising night guards, these individuals can more effectively counter it.

Searching for night guards? Visit the premier St. Ives dental clinic. Our team offers customised options for every patient, as well as comprehensive education and treatment options. We explain the dangers of teeth grinding and then offer proactive solutions.

To learn more about these solutions – which include fissure sealants, mouthguards, and anti-snoring appliances – contact Gordon Dental today. Our staffers will gladly answer any questions or concerns, as well as schedule appointments for fittings. Contact us on 02-9498-3811 or via email